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Beverage Alcohol Resource® is excited to announce the implementation of our
BAR to the Future Advisory Board, or BAR-FAB!

BAR’s Future Advisory Board (BAR-FAB) is made up of nine BAR 5-Day® graduates who will offer us perspectives on a number of key points. These diverse individuals come from many different backgrounds and places in the industry. They are Anu Apte, Lucia Creed, Kate Gerwin, Mary Palac, Shannon Ponche, Duane Sylvestre, Dominic Venegas, Yael Vengroff, and Karl Franz Williams. In addition, BAR-FAB is led by our long-time faculty member and Associate Partner Charlotte Voisey.

The bar industry is diverse by its very nature, but management, ownership and even education and training have not reflected that diversity. BAR® has a responsibility to lead in those efforts and, unquestionably, we should do more, and we must do more. While we have sought to give ALL people access to our teaching, we seek to change not just how we teach but what we teach, and at the same time fully reflect the makeup of the industry we all love.

Our mission is as follows: BAR® seeks to advocate for all members of the hospitality community who have not been given a voice and have been shut out by programs and institutions because of the color of their skin, country of birth, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

People of color and immigrants have long been marginalized within the bar, restaurant and hospitality communities — their critical contributions to these industries diminished or forgotten, and their current needs and priorities side-lined. This must change! We recognize our position of leadership within our industry and will use it to create opportunities for a more diverse cross-section of our community to be seen, heard, mentored, and celebrated.

We also seek to embody fairness and inclusion with and among other marginalized groups, and to promote tolerance and acceptance throughout the bar community. We will work to ensure a safe, supportive space for womxn and non-binary individuals, as well as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning industry members and persons with disabilities.  We recognize and take seriously our responsibility to provide opportunities for all groups in our community to be given a seat at the table, and to help determine BAR’s present and future.

BAR® acknowledges that it must also address the ways bias and racism manifests in its own organizational community and confront them with intentional engagement and self-reflection. Our staff and volunteer leadership must reflect the great diversity that is central to the food and beverage industry, and we are taking immediate steps towards greater diversity among our student body, our teachers, leaders and staff, as well as changes to our curriculum.

We look forward to sharing more on this initiative with you in the future!

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