What some attendees of the BAR 5-Day Program® think of BAR®

“I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for building this program and for making space for the scholarship recipients from the CAP program at Tales of the Cocktail.

Having been a CAP the last few years, I’ve benefitted greatly from the program, not just because I’m a scholarship recipient, but most importantly because the CAP program seeks to create mentors while raising the bar on how to interact with people with warmth and hospitality.

Being a part of BAR 5-Day® was really special for me, not only because studying this profession in all its parts is my passion, but because I was able to see and experience where the CAP program’s roots come from. I hope all of you know that not only have you inspired and led people, but those people have gone on to embrace and spread kindness and a sense of family as well.  And I thank you for this.”
— Berit Jane Soli-Holt, Mexico City, Mexico; 2016 BAR 5-Day Program® Graduate

“I came back to work after the BAR 5-Day® feeling like a totally different person. I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short amount of time. I took away a lot of knowledge, and also inspiration. Inspiration, excitement and a new appreciation for our craft. Just being there amongst my wonderful spirits industry colleagues was enough to fall in love with the cocktail and spirits world all over again.”
Veronica Bravo, Bartender/Brand Ambassador, Marnier Lapostolle Chile; 2015 BAR 5-Day Program® Graduate

“BAR 5-Day® is the quintessential program for any serious bartender or spirits professional wanting to work at a world class level. It’s opened my eyes in ways I could never dream of when it comes to understanding spirits and cocktails. The chance to converse with the partners in a classroom setting is worth the whole week alone. It will make you better at any role in the spirits/cocktail industry, period.”
— Christopher George, Bartender, Bar 151; 2015 BAR 5-Day® Graduate Program

“BAR 5-Day® was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my career. I realized shortly after arriving that the five days spent there were about so much more than achieving a passing grade. The lasting enrichment gained by participating in a program like the BAR 5-Day® is invaluable. I walked away a more confident and informed bartender.”
— Kellie Thorn, Bartender/Beverage Director and Consultant; 2015 BAR® Graduate

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“I can’t tell you how much fun it was to go through this course – I would do it every year if I could, just to be in the room with you guys and a group of dedicated peers. My ability to do my job increased tenfold over the course of those five days, not to mention reigniting my passion and reinforcing my decision to be a part of this amazing industry. I can’t thank you enough…What an experience!”
— Zac Overman, 2013 BAR 5-Day® Graduate Program

“I had an amazing week, and found myself putting my new knowledge to work immediately upon the course’s completion, so it is very rewarding to hear I made it. Thank you so much for everything you gentlemen do.”
— Justin Lane Briggs 2013

“This entire program taught me so much, I am honored to be a graduate of it. Hats off to you and the rest of the team for putting it together and sharing this knowledge with us all. After the tasting portion of the class, I will never taste spirits the same now that I know how to actually taste!”
— Kristen Schaefer 2013

“I just wanted to take a second and say thank you. My experience with y’all at BAR® really has changed my life. You gave me the knowledge and the history to take my career to another level. You groomed me into a better bartender (in every essence of the word) and leader and teacher and taster and coworker. You gave me friends in this industry around the world that I will have for life. You confirmed and validated my passion for service and hospitality. You gave me faith in myself and in my competence that I had been lacking. I am so much stronger and better because of you, and I am so incredibly grateful to all of you. Thank you.”
— Tyler Hudgens, 2013 BAR 5-Day® Graduate Program

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“Paul – Greetings from Chicago! Hope things are well with you and the boys. Thanks for everything during BAR 5-Day®. It was an amazing experience and opportunity to spend the week with the leaders in our industry. Take care.”
— Charles Joly, September 2009 BAR 5-Day® Graduate Program

“Thank you for your time and patience with administering and teaching the BAR® class last month. I am still realizing what I learned from the week-long course as I speak with customers about distilled spirits, as well as, mix various cocktails. As I speak with customers at The Crunkleton, they appear amazed at the amount of information I throw at them. Thank you for such a monumental education! Take care.”
— Gary Crunkleton, September 2009

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you for last week’s experience at BAR®. Without reservation, I can honestly say it was one of the most gratifying learning experiences I’ve ever had — not just in spirits education, but in general. The fact that you guys have come together to create a standard for our industry is incredible. Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon,”
— Alex Day, September 2009 BAR 5-Day® Graduate Program

“Just writing to say thank you so much for allowing me to take the BAR® class this past week. My spirits knowledge has increased exponentially and the chance to taste such a vast array of high quality spirits in a group forum like that, really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not to mention, it was such a blast to be surrounded by such passionate and down-to-earth teachers. Again, thanks, and please pass along my thanks to Dave, Doug, Steven, Andy, Dale, Leo, Aisha and Willy if you can.”
— Ali Lyons, September 2008 BAR 5-Day® Graduate Program

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“Thanks to you and the other partners at BAR®. It was an incredible and enriching experience. I hope to see you all in the future and extend my appreciation in person. Thanks again.”
— Adam Bernbach, Bar Pilar, Washington, DC

“Just wanted to send out a heartfelt thank you for such a wonderful, unique and, like you said at the beginning of the week, a “life changing experience”. I feel like a piece of BAR®, and the amount of new things I learned will be with me forever. What an amazing resource you have all created for the true and passionate professionals within this beautiful industry of ours. I know that I work in the greatest profession in the world and because I know I’ll be doing this forever, thank you for making me better at what I love through the information and the experiences you shared. It was an inspiring week, attended by inspiring people and delivered in a wonderful manner by inspiring teachers.”
— Naren Young, Spring 2008 5-Day® Graduate

“My experience with BAR® was unbelievable. Every aspect of everything spirit related was covered in a smart, fun-filled, and intense manner. I have been behind the bar for over 10 years and was blown away by the history, tastings, and distillation practices etc. that were taught in this course. This is the premier experience for anyone wanting to take their knowledge of drink and spirit to a master level. Bar none.”
— Tim Cooper, BAR 5-Day® Graduate, May 2007, Flat Iron Lounge,  New York, New York USA

“In my opinion, the BAR 5-Day® Intermediate Certificate Program put on by Beverage Alcohol Resource® LLC is the gold standard of spirits and mixology education. This course, taught by the top professionals in the industry today, covers an amazing breadth of topics, and manages to treat each in depth. Forget what you think you know: this experience will provide an invigorating immersion in all aspects of the spirits and mixology knowledge. I guarantee that it will inspire you, and will likely expand your career in new and exciting directions.”
— Charles Curtis MW, BAR 5-Day® Graduate, May 2007, Moët Hennessy USA, New York, New York USA

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“Exhaustively rigorous, abundantly informative and thoroughly enjoyable. A must-do for any beverage professional wishing to perpetuate the craft, culture and nobility of our vocation. The real-world equivalent of Jedi training school.”
— Tad Carducci, Ocino Restaurant, Washington, New Jersey USA

“Where do professionals turn to raise their level of spirit and cocktail knowledge? The greatest promise comes from BAR®, an intensive and intense program that challenges and clarifies all you know, fills in whatever blanks exist, and reveals that learning about alcohol is a life-long experience. Bravo!”
— Jack Robertiello, Adams Trade Publications, New York, New York USA

“My experience as a student of BAR® has been the most enlightening and rewarding since my university studies. I have always had great respect for Paul Pacult, Steve Olson, Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, and David Wondrich, but the rigorous nature of this course and the dedication and professionalism shown by these five gentlemen as they taught each class, proves to me that they are truly brilliant. There is no doubt that BAR® is the best and most comprehensive program for the study of spirits, cocktails, and bartending.”
— Jeff Pogash, Media Relations, Moët Hennessy USA, New York, New York USA

“Upon entering the classroom you’re greeted by five charismatic men with more than one hundred years of experience amongst them. Between moments of levity, you hit the ground running. If they’ll have me, I’ll sign-up for the advanced course in a heartbeat.”
— Mark Marowitz, self-employed, New York, New York USA

“The BAR® program was a true eye opener; the wealth of knowledge in one room was humbling and awe-inspiring. The energy and passion I felt from both the instructors and my fellow classmates was infectious. Coming from another state (New Mexico), I thought I would feel out of place but, instead, it was the exact opposite. The only way to truly understand how special BAR® is, is be to attend the Four-Day course. If you attend you, will meet and learn from not only five brilliant instructors but up to 20 amazingly talented and dedicated classmates. So, if you consider yourself a mixologist, a bar-chef, a food and beverage professional or just someone with a passion for spirits and mixology, BAR® is a must.”
— Michael Trujillo aka “New Mexico”, bartender, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

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