Frequently Asked Questions about BAR®

Is BAR® an actual bartending school?

No. BAR® is an instructive program that teaches attendees not only about what it takes to be a competent bartender, but likewise about the pedigree and use of distilled spirits that form the foundation of cocktails. What the Master Sommelier and Master of Wine courses are to wine, the BAR 5-Day Program® is to spirits and mixology. BAR® brings the deepest and most current level of understanding to the evolving spheres of beverage alcohol and hospitality.

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Do the BAR® Founding Members really teach all the 5-Day modules?

BAR® guarantees that at least two of the Founding Members, meaning Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, Steve Olson, F. Paul Pacult, Andy Seymour, and David Wondrich, teach or are present guiding each BAR 5-Day® Module. Purity of instruction is paramount to the BAR 5-Day®. It is vital to the program’s integrity that BAR® Founding Members, who teach the majority of modules, or carefully selected BAR 5-Day® graduates present the material.

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How many BAR® Members are there?

Originally, there were five founding partners, Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, Steve Olson, F. Paul Pacult and David Wondrich, who established BAR, LLC, in July of 2005. In 2008, associate partner Andy Seymour was made a full partner, so now there are a half dozen full BAR® partners.

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Where is the BAR 5-Day Program® conducted and how often is it held?

Each annual BAR 5-Day® Program is held at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. The BAR 5-Day® is held only once per year.

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How many people are accepted into each BAR 5-Day Program®?

From the scores of international applicants up to 65 people are accepted each year.

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Who benefits the most from the BAR 5-Day Program®?

While the majority of attendees are working professional bartenders, beverage directors, brand ambassadors and beverage industry executives, anyone of legal age who is interested in the study of distilled spirits and cocktails can apply and, if accepted, can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. Average consumers can become professional-level mixologists; average to good bartenders/bar managers can become outstanding, cutting-edge bartenders/bar managers; and media people learn firsthand why spirits and cocktails are the hottest beverage alcohol categories.

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What are the various BAR 5-Day® Certifications?

Bar Certified

Indicates an attendee who through Program participation and exam results displayed a sound and thorough understanding of the history, origin and sensory attributes of spirits and the history, practical application and creation of cocktails.

Bar Ready

Indicates an attendee who has not only satisfied all the requirements to be BAR® Certified, but also has demonstrated the highest professional-level speed and competence in bartending, understanding and identification of spirits, and hospitality.

Bar Ready with Distinction

Cites the extraordinary accomplishments of the Program’s top attendees, whose examination scores, aplomb, and overall service skills ended up within the top 5 percent of their individual program.

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What is the cost of the BAR 5-Day Program®?

BAR 5-Day Program®: $3,950 per person.

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Are scholarships available?

Yes, there are scholarships available through various companies and programs. The number of scholarships varies from year to year. When one applies for the BAR 5-Day Program®, one should request information about scholarships.

For more information, please call 201.232.4534 or email Sarah Tirone.Click to email Sarah.

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