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“Back To School” Bar Talk column

Published: April 16, 2010

Market Watch

November-December 2007, page 121
“Back To School” Bar Talk column by Felicia Sherbert

Quotable: “The BAR sessions attract a diverse group of drinks professionals, ranging from accomplished bartenders to general managers, distributors, and importers. Part of what makes the class stronger is the mix,” says Tom Congdon, vice president and director of spirits for Kobrand Corp. in New York….Each teacher is a connoisseur. Pacult is a leading Scotch expert, Wondrich is an encyclopedia of cocktail history, DeGroff ia a master mixologist, and Olson is the ‘wine geek’ who used to teach classes at the Sterling School of Hospitality with Frost…”It’s a huge time commitment and worth every minute of it,” says Congdon. “Thirty-five hundred dollars isn’t a lot of money when you consider what can be lost behind the bar.”